A Document box which organizes everything by project.

Proposals, drafts, reference materials, estimates, business cards, receipts, etc - organize your desk by gathering together all materials related to a project, no matter its size. It is a work tool which enables you to focus on your work.


Decide the title

Let's decide "where it belongs to" for papers and small articles which tends to be scattered in a busy schedule. First, writing the title on the cover or the binding of "WORKERS'BOX" is the start point.


Organize everything

Next, throw in everything - no matter the size or width but whatever is related. Knowing where they are is enough and no need to classify in detail.


Place like books

Lining them up like books on a shelf, it is easier to take them out and find them. Let's put ones which you need to take out often near the desk and ones which you want to store on the shelf.


Organize all documents related to a project

Big enough to store A4 size clear document folder

Binder that can set documents you reference

Pocket that can store business cards and receipt

Store a few A3 size documents without creases

Inside is matte black

Write the title, schedule, and progress directly

It opens and closes comfortably like a book

You can place the box vertically or horizontally

A dedicated stand which can group five together


Simplify organizing papers
Reduce search time to zero
Enough to store A4 size clear document folder
With two sides of binding and a bottom index
Place the box vertically or horizontally
Store about 180 papers
Store a few A3 size documents without creases
Sufficient durability to carry around


Materials Coated Cardboard
Outside Dimension H321 x W239 x D22.5mm
Inside Dimension H320 x W232 x D20mm
Document Size for A4 and US letter
Weight 122g per box
Country Made in Japan